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Atlantic Data worked with the CRB's e-Bulk project management team (now the DBS) to successfully develop the first registered body connection to their e-Bulk channel.

Our eBulk solution is being used by our own Umbrella Body clients plus dozens of Registered Bodies such as Girlguiding UK.

The e-Bulk solution can be fully hosted by Atlantic Data, easy to implement and is available to all organisations meeting DBS's criteria.

As well as providing a technical e-Bulk solution, Atlantic Data will also support clients in meeting the DBS's assurance and IT security requirements and can provide connectivity to e-Bulk quickly and easily.

Faster turnaround of applications
Undertaking an application is now so much easier.
The form is completed wholly online and a electronic file is sent direct to the DBS. This means the time taken to hand write a form, collect a signature, check the information, countersign the form and then post it to the DBS, is removed - possible saving 5-7 days.
It's then easier for the DBS who simply upload the data into their CRM to process the application - giving a saving of 1-2 days.
Should the Disclosure result be clear then it is returned electronically - again giving another saving of at least a day.  
Total saving 7-10 days.
Online validation

Atlantic Data's online application form has been developed over a period of 7 years. The features within the form are unique and mean the data collected from the applicant is more likely to be error free.

Such features include management of five year address history; postcode validation of addresses; cross checking of dates, middle names and surnames across all the data provided; plus, a system of ensuring the required amount of ID documents have been seen and checked.

Reduced administration time

Applicants can complete the form onsite or remotely.

There is no requirement to check or re-enter any of the application form data into a separate database.

Once the form has been completed it can be viewed via the system's status reports function. Applicant data can be uploaded or downloaded into/from the system to help streamline ongoing data administration tasks.

The system automatically updates itself via the DBS's Online Tracker Service - and generates an exceptions report of applications stuck in the system.

DBS Adult First requests are automatically generated.

Reports Management

The system stores all the necessary information of the Disclosure application for audit and inspection purposes.

Reports can also be run for Management Information purposes, cross departmental billing and can automatically reconcile against the DBS's invoice.


Atlantic Data's hosting service is fully compliant with ISO27001 security standards.

The system was successfully approved by DBS's assurance team. All data entry is recorded and traceable.

Users are provided with secure login access that also provides enhanced features for individuals with DBS Countersignatory responsibilities.

All Atlantic Data's programme development is managed and maintained in-house.