About eBulk Disclosures

DBS E-Bulk Disclosure Management System

The e-Bulk Disclosures software solution is a 100% online disclosure management solution that integrates with the DBS e-Bulk Interface (launched in April 2009). If you’re looking to implement an online disclosure service then you’ll be happy to know that we can provide everything you need and more to get your service up and running

The e-Bulk Disclosures system has been developed by a dedicated team of experienced specialists, responsible for the design and implementation of the first DBS Integrated e-Bulk facility. The system was tested and approved by the DBS (formerly the CRB) in April 2009 with the launch of our first client - one of the largest umbrella bodies in the country, Girlguiding UK.

@lantic Data has pulled from its vast and varied client base to ensure the system is fully compliant and capable of fulfilling the needs of every industry. The system can also be tailored and customised to suite any special requirements.

Product Overview

The system provides all the necessary functionality to allow Registered Bodies to easily manage their DBS Disclosure responsibilities with reduced time and effort. The system mimics the Disclosure Application lifecycle which is based on a defined set of processes that are followed by all Registered Bodies. This includes:

  1. Verifying the ID of the applicant
  2. Completion of a Disclosure Application Form
  3. DBS Adult First/DBS Children’s Barred List Check Requests
  4. Request for Volunteer application
  5. Countersignatory Authorisation
  6. Send Application to DBS
  7. Application Tracking
  8. Receive Disclosure Result
The system controls the disclosure application process allowing the system users to easily see what is required and what the current status is of all applications at any given time.

Online Application Form

The system provides an Intelligent Application Form that contains strict validation rules allowing the required data to be captured quickly and easily without errors of omission.

The validation checks:

  • Full 5 years address history; the system does not allow gaps between each previous address
  • Postcode / Address Search Facility
  • e-Bulk Data format validation, only allowing specific characters for certain data fields
  • Enforces previous surname be provided where applicable
  • All mandatory fields have been completed
  • ID document validation and cross referencing

All of the information is captured via the online form which is accessible from any internet access point via a personal secure login.

The applicant is also able to complete their application from any internet access point via the systems Remote Access facility. Utilising the applicants email address, you are able to send them the user access to the online form.

  1. Applicant details
  2. Address History
  3. Additional Personal Details
  4. Employment Details
  5. Review and Confirm

After completing the application the applicant is provided a unique reference number (this is also emailed if an email address is provided on the application).

This reference number can be used by other users of the system to recall the specific application for the ID checking process to be completed.

ID Checking

Any user assigned the role of ID Checker, Liaison Officer or Countersignatory can complete the ID Checking process.

The ID Checker can select the relevant ID Documents provided by the applicant and complete any required data fields; at this stage the appropriate DBS rules are applied to confirm the ID Check is complete and valid.

Validation checks:

  • The correct number and types of documents have been selected
  • Comparing Driving License no with application names
  • Checking Passport and Driving License DOB with application DOB
  • Confirming the validity of the document i.e. less than 3 or 12 months old

The ‘Evidence Checked By’ field is pre-populated with the name of the person completing the check. In the instance the ID checking is performed by the VERIFY service (provided by The Post Office) this handled in a separate method.

Countersignatory Authorisation & E-Bulk Transfer

The system is then prepared to batch send the applications after running the DBS e-Bulk validation over the data to again ensure there are no errors or omission. Using the DBS’s eBulk channel the applications are sent immediately to the DBS to begin processing.